Client Profile

Enseña Chile is based on the successful Teach for America model, recognized for creating a critical mass of leaders committed to improving access to excellent education regardless of socio-economic circumstances. The organization works in Chile to provide quality education to 14- to 18-year-old high school students by bringing for two years outstanding university graduates with leadership skills into classrooms of under-resourced schools. Enseña Chile was founded by Tomás Recart in 2007 in Santiago, Chile.  

Definition of Opportunity

Throughout the past few years, Enseña Chile has noticed a rise in the applicant numbers of young professionals who have completed two or more years of work and want to refocus their careers. Despite not having a formal recruitment strategy to address this specific population, early evidence suggest that young professionals with a few years of professional experience are more successful teachers than those who join immediately after graduating from university. While Enseña Chile is primarily focused on recent graduates, this initial evidence has Enseña Chile interested in learning ways to promote, create an interest, attract and select young professionals with work experience.

Initial ideas & Options

·      Assess the current Enseña Chile recruitment strategy for people with professional experience. Analyze existing data regarding socio demographic characteristic of applicants to gather additional insights and understand better their overall profile.

·      Research best practices in organizations with similar missions (both inside and out the educational arena) to understand how to better increase Enseña Chile's young professional applicant base.  One organization worth analyzing is Teach for America in the U.S.

Definition of Success

Identify a strategy to promote, interest, and attract young professionals to Enseña Chile. If successful in the short-term, the organization believes teacher turnover will be reduced and student achievement will improve. Ideally, many of these young professionals will continue to meaningfully fight educational inequality throughout their careers either directly or indirectly as a result of their Enseña Chile experience.

Development Advisory Team