Client Profile

The Program on Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) is a collaborative effort between the Harvard teaching hospitals, Harvard Medical School/ Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Partners In Health (PIH).  This organization emerges out of work of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, that was led by Dr. John Meara at Harvard Medical School (and a 1986 ND graduate).  PGSSC’s objective is to advocate for Universal access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care when needed. Their  strategy is two-fold:

  • Global Surgical Systems Strengthening through Research, Advocacy, and Implementation Science, using the Frameworks developed as part of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery.       

  • Developing Leaders in Global Surgical and Health Systems through Research, Advocacy, and Care Delivery.  

PGSSC research focuses on surgical and health systems strengthening that is measurable, transparent, and locally-driven. 


Initial Ideas & Options

PGSSC has been opportunistic about the issues and countries where they have engaged, trying to take best use of the capacity they have to promote their strategic objectives. The PGSSC is interested, in its planning for the future, to explore and expand partnerships with international development and health organizations, such as Partners In Health and the World Health Organization, as well as universities, such as the Harvard Medical School and the University of Notre Dame, consistent with its strategic objectives.


Definition of Success

The development of a set of future scenarios or pathways that PGSSC might explore for potential partnerships, as well as the strategic use of their experience, expertise, and capacity to maximize their organization’s impact in the future.

Development Advisory Team