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Building a new university-based, interdisciplinary center for global health - ITESM, Mexico (Fall 2018)


Building a new university-based, interdisciplinary center for global health - ITESM, Mexico (Fall 2018)

Client Profile

The Tecnológico de Monterrey and its network of campuses throughout Mexico is committed to providing quality education, world-class research, and building innovative models for the benefit of society. With the leadership of ITESM’s School of Medicine and the School of Government, the University is looking to build a new interdisciplinary center for global health training and research with strong links to practice.

The DGHSM aims to be a global center of excellence that generates health through training, research, innovation and knowledge translation, addressing in a profound and interdisciplinary way the existing inequities in Mexico and the world, based on health as a human right.  The DGHSM aspires to lead in training, research, implementation and public policy development in Global Health and Social Medicine in Latin America, through the creation of integral solutions to address social factors and strengthen health systems with a preferential option for vulnerable populations.

Definition of Opportunity

ITESM’s DGHSM is currently exploring the possibility of partnerships with the Program on Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) and the Partner In Health’s sister organization, Compañeros en Salud in Chiapas, Mexico.  The Program on Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) is a collaborative effort between the Harvard teaching hospitals, Harvard Medical School/ Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Partners In Health (PIH).  This organization emerges out of work of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, tled by Dr. John Meara at Harvard Medical School (a 1986 ND graduate).  PGSSC’s objective is to advocate for Universal access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care when needed. Compañeros en Salud is affiliated with Partners In Health and works in rural Chiapas Mexico to provide quality health care to underserved communities and hopes to serve as an inspiring model to train and accompany health professionals and community health workers, and to deliver quality health care in low resource settings in Mexico and elsewhere. Both PGSSC and PIH have deep ties to Notre Dame, and have served as clients on DAT projects over multiple semesters.

Initial Ideas

The ITESM Department of Global Health & Social Medicine is looking for models of university-based, interdisciplinary centers that work in the international context in close partnership with health service providers and policy makers.

●      ITESM is interesting in exploring different models of partnership that have been established for developing, first-rate, interdisciplinary global health centers that have strong links to practice, that highlight different institutional structures, incentives, and potential partnerships.

●      ITESM hopes to explore and expand partnerships with international development and health organizations, such as Compañeros en Salud, the Harvard Medical School and the University of Notre Dame, consistent with its strategic objectives.

●      ITESM is interested in implementing a framework to develop international partnerships.

Definition of Success

That ITESM uses the systematic examination of different examples and models for building an interdisciplinary, university based Center for Global Health with a strong link to practice in ways that it might serve as a roadmap for a path forward.

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