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Exploring the Notre Dame Opportunities for Collaboration in India - Notre Dame International (Spring  2018)

Exploring the Notre Dame Opportunities for Collaboration in India - Notre Dame International (Spring 2018)

Client Profile

The University of Notre Dame enjoys extraordinary worldwide presence, a good portion of which is mediated through its unique network of Global Gateways: centers and other institutional arrangements around the globe.  The current five Global Gateways—located in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome—provide academic and intellectual hubs where scholars, students, and leaders from universities, government, business, and community gather to discuss, discover, and debate issues of topical and enduring relevance. Each Global Gateway has dedicated staff who collaborate with their counterparts at Notre Dame’s campus to support Notre Dame programs and outreach. Notre Dame International coordinates the management of the Global Gateways and supports faculty in developing and sustaining programs at them.


Definition of Problem:

 The University is considering establishing expanding its presence in India, where it currently has a “Global Center.” Established in January 2016, the Mumbai (India) Global Center is part of the University of Notre Dame’s Asia Initiatives. The Center is building the University’s visibility and engagement with India’s top educational institutions, and works with different campus units and organizations to implement activities and projects across India.


Initial First Steps:

We will begin by conducting a number of interviews with key stakeholders who will be important to interview to better understand the landscape and possibilities.  These interviews include faculty of Notre Dame both on campus, in India, and in South Asia.  


Definition of Success

Through this class project, we propose to map the range of faculty, staff, student and alumni engagements and relationships in India, and then explore possibilities for a more robust set of partnerships and engagements with India.  ND’s presence in India has a unique opportunity to look beyond ND's traditional Gateway functions and to explore how we might be more intentional with our collaborations with local government agencies, industry partners, development organizations, and educational institutions.  As we explore the opportunities related to India, we will make a special effort to explore possibilities for opportunities related to international development and to design thinking.


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