The Development Advisory Team project of design thinking initiative at Notre Dame continued from the first course of International Development in Practice to the second advanced course, expanding the project's scope and clients over time. In the first semester, a team served as consultants to the College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. In the second semester, another team built on the first team's work and started consulting the College of Arts and Letters and the new Keough School of Global Affairs in addition to the College of Engineering. Read on to learn about each team's clients and their recommendations.

Fall 2015: College of Engineering

Engineering has been offered at the University since 1873, when Notre Dame became the first Catholic university in the country to have a school of engineering. In fact, Notre Dame boasts a long history of engineering developments in a variety of fields … from the construction of the first hand-driven wind tunnel in America (aerospace) and the successful transmission of one of the first wireless messages (communications) in the country to the discovery of a new class of actinyl peroxide compounds (energy) and demonstration of magnetic logic (computing).

When the College of Engineering was officially founded in 1920, most of the students were pursuing civil engineering, due to the nation’s need for surveyors and designers of roads, bridges, and railroads. Today, graduate and undergraduate students continue to explore a wide variety of fields through the five departments housed within the college as they search for ways to address some of society’s most pressing needs.

  • Number of Teaching and Research Faculty: 169
  • Number of Undergraduate Students, Sophmore-Senior: 1,214 
  • Number of Incoming First-Year Students: ~500
  • Number of Graduate Students: 521


Spring 2016: College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, and Keough School

The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic academic community of higher learning, animated from its origins by the Congregation of Holy Cross. The University seeks to cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice and oppression that burden the lives of so many. The aim is to create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice.

In spring semester 2016, a group of students from International Development in Practice II served as consultants to Deans of the College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, and the new Keough School of Global Affairs on the initiative of human-centered design. Their work has become a cornerstone for the macro movement at Notre Dame of bringing innovation, cross-discipline collaboration, and design thinking to the forefront of the University's mission to serve as a force for good.

Learn more about this Development Advisory Team's clients: