Steve Reifenberg's International Development in Practice I discussed the concept and practice of negotiation and its particular importance in the realm of international development. Ana Dionne-Lanier, student from spring 2014, speaks to how effective negotiation and communication can be impactful in working with Development Advisory Team clients. Her mentee, Sarah Stubbs, student from spring 2016, shares her takeaways here: 

Sarah Stubbs:

Ana and I talked about the importance of being aware of the opportunities for negotiation in many situations, and taking advantage of them.  She spoke about her experiences working with her Rubia through Development Advisory Team, and how she used reframing in that context, and in thousands of contexts since, especially in her current work studying at law school.

She also emphasized the need for constant communication, and checking in to make sure your client is driving the direction of the project.  Ask things like, "here's our idea.  What do you think about it?  What's most useful about it to you?"  She advised putting things into writing to make sure everyone's on the same page, and following up every interaction with a note to cap up what you talked about.


Development Advisory Team: Rubia, Mali

"After graduating in 2014 I worked at a nonprofit Boston called BEST Corp. Hospitality Training Center as an executive assistant for the year. I also worked closely with an organization working with Haitians. I am now at American University Washington College of Law. I've yet to have a similar experience in which I was learning not only just from a professor but also from the experiences of my peers. Together we cultivated amazing conversations about international development and how we wanted to shape our roles in the field."